Whats the best Chinese Herbs for Health?

Chinese Herbs To Improve Your Circulation And Enhance Male Performance

Poor blood circulation is a common issue that can be caused due to unhealthy lifestyles. In many cases, it is a result of more serious ailments like diabetes or heart disorders. 

Individuals with poor circulation struggle with fatigue and pain, lower cognitive functioning, and muscle cramps, to name a few symptoms. Another common consequence of males is erectile dysfunction and unsatisfactory sexual performance.

Since poor blood circulation is a sensitive medical issue, many prefer to treat it using traditional home remedies. Mainstream drugs can often have serious side-effects and reactions, and also require greater regulation.

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For this purpose, Traditional Chinese Medicine is an effective and safe choice. Many Chinese herbs for poor blood circulation, as well as Chinese herbs for male performance, are considered highly curative. 

What Is Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine is an ancient health care system that uses natural substances to treat ailments. Unlike mainstream medicine, it rests on the principle of improving bodily health rather than simply eliminating symptoms. 

Thus Chinese herbs for poor blood circulation and Chinese herbs for male performance both focus primarily on improving overall immunity. They are also interlinked because lacking male performance is a consequence of poor blood circulation.

Poor Blood Circulation And Male Performance

Poor blood circulation and lacking male performance share a link that must be understood before we proceed with treatment. Since herbal treatments are individually regulated, it is recommended that you always read up before consuming any herbs. 

Male sexual performance requires the steady maintenance of an erection. This is only possible if there is enough blood flow in the region. 

On arousal, the nerves of the genitals will encourage blood flow by releasing chemicals. Then the spongy muscle tissue will absorb the blood as it flows in, inducing erectness. 

However, in the case of poor circulation, blood is not allowed to flow with ease. As a result, the spongy muscle tissue cannot trap any blood to become hard. 

How Does Poor Circulation Impact Male Performance

Poor circulation happens when one suffers from heart diseases, diabetes, or has hardened or thinned arteries. These may be caused due to multiple risk factors, for example, smoking or drinking.

Due to poor circulation, there is a fall in the blood flow throughout the body. Thus, there is also less blood flowing to the male genitals. Even if the spongy tissue absorbs any blood, the blood is ultimately unable to stay trapped for long. Thus there is limpness. 

Factors That Cause Poor Circulation And Reduce Male Performance 

If you suffer from poor circulation, it is important to know why. Because Traditional Chinese Medicine focuses on improving overall health, the root of the problem must be weeded out. 

Both erectile dysfunction and poor circulation may be caused and enhanced by the following factors: 

  • High levels of blood sugar
  • High levels of cholesterol
  • High blood pressure levels
  • Old age factors 
  • Obesity or excess weight
  • Minimal or no exercise 
  • Smoking and/or alcohol consumption
  • Consumption of Illegal substances like drugs

Since erectile dysfunction is caused by poor circulation, it can point to more pressing diseases. Although it is relatively common in older men, it may occur in younger men as well. If this is the case, then you should refer to a doctor to pinpoint your medical condition. 

Chinese Herbs For Poor Blood Circulation 

The following Chinese herbs for poor blood circulation are likely to improve your general health. Additionally, they may also help improve male performance. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes circulation is linked to the health of the liver, colon, kidneys, and even skin. Thus, many of these home remedies provide digestive and other benefits as well. 

Cinnamon Or Rougui 

The bark and branches of cinnamon trees are used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to stimulate circulation. They are said to heat the body and harmonize the energies of upper and lower areas in the body. 

Cinnamon is also useful for controlling allergic reactions.

This herbal remedy can be taken in combination with other Chinese herbal treatments. Additionally, it can be consumed in tea or hot pots. 

Ginger Or Shengijang 

Ginger is mainly known to improve digestion by counteracting the toxins present in foods. It is also said to improve lung functioning and warm up the body to enhance circulation to the limbs. 

This herbal ingredient is consumed regularly as part of meals, in teas, and even in common candies. 

Jujube Or Hongzao 

Jujube fruits or dates are well-known in Chinese Medicine for improving circulation and blood flow. An added benefit is said to be mental calmness and soothing of the nerves. 

Since they are rich in vitamin C and vitamin B, they improve moods and are effective against anxiety and insomnia. 

Jujubes are sweet fruits that are traditionally cooked as part of rice porridge or used in teas. 

Green Tea And Green Tea Extracts

In recent times, the benefits of green tea have become widely known. In traditional medicine, it has already been used for centuries. 

Green tea is known to help with the dilation and constriction of blood capillaries. This is because it enhances blood flow by aiding the work of cells found on the lining of blood capillaries. 

Drinking Green tea regularly has even been linked to reducing heart diseases and cancer.  

However, always ensure that your tea is fully organic. Green tea extracts are also popularly consumed and are more concentrated forms of the substance. 

Chinese Club Moss Or Qian Ceng Ta

Chinese Club Moss has been historically used for injuries, rheumatism, regular colds, and blood circulation in traditional medicine.

It has been found to contain Huperzine A, a substance that encourages anticholinesterase activity. This makes it effective against disorders of the Central Nervous System, and even Alzheimer’s. 

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba is popularly known to improve blood flow and heighten overall physical functioning. It acts as an antioxidant providing a variety of benefits. It also proactively fights infectious fungi and bacteria within the body. 

Ginkgo Biloba has been reported to stimulate thinking ability and improve memory capacity. 

This is also a well-known Chinese herb for male performance. In some researches, it was found that users reported better sexual performance and steady erections. 


Ginseng is a herb that promises better circulation to the extreme ends of the body. This makes it a good option for those suffering from erectile dysfunction. 

Additionally, it is effective in maintaining cardiovascular health. It does this by keeping blood sugar levels in check. It also monitors blood pressure. 

These days, Ginseng is a component of many herbal pills and popular medicines. 

Goji Or Lycium Berries

Goji or Lycium berries are effective against multiple ailments, such as obesity, diabetes, and low immunity. 

These berries are known to lower blood pressure and keep blood sugar in check. They also enhance immunity to protect organs from oxidative wear and tear. They are powerful fruits containing micronutrients, antioxidants, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, etc. 

Goji berries are often consumed in the form of a tonic, as part of cooked meals, or even taken raw.

Chinese Herbs For Male Performance 

Apart from Chinese herbs for poor blood circulation, there are more specific medicines for erectile dysfunction. 

The following Chinese herbs for male performance are directly responsible for enhancing sexual drive.


Chinese Caterpillar Fungus is also known as Cordyceps. It is claimed to be the best Chinese herb for male performance

The fungus itself is of a parasitic species which grows by feeding off the body of insects. Mushrooms grow once the fungus has successfully taken over the insect’s carcass. 

On consumption, Cordyceps gives the user a burst of energy, acting like a Cordyceps ‘high’. 

There are two forms of this herb found on the market, namely Cordyceps Sinensis and Cordyceps Militaris. Both work well to enhance male performance. 

However, users should keep in mind that the effect of Cordyceps is variable. Each time you take it, it can have a stronger or milder effect. The herb itself can take anywhere from a few hours to a full 24 hours to kick in. 

Additionally, this herb cannot be consumed daily, or it will lose potency. Regular users tend to become tolerant of Cordyceps, and it stops working in that case. 

It is suggested that you have green tea or coffee an hour or longer after consumption. 

You should notice greater libido, better moods, increased focus, longer sexual performance, improved erections, feelings of elation, and so on. 


Astralagus is a great Chinese herb for male performance boosting. It is also claimed to increase life expectancy, enhance immunity, and give users more energy. This herb is also said to increase the sperm count of users, as per animal testing. 

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, kidney functioning is linked to better circulation. Since Astralagus has been noted to improve kidney health, it is effective for both circulation and male performance. 

Astragalus is a herb you can consume daily for the best results. You will not see any immediate changes after consumption. However, the positive effects will subtly appear over time, and you will be able to observe the difference. 

The overall benefits are immunity-boosting, better focus, better cardiovascular health, anti-aging, etc. 

Yin Yang Huo

Yin Yang Huo is known as Epimedium, or more colloquially as 'horny goat weed.' It is a popular aphrodisiac with origins in Chinese medicine.

Epimedium is said to stimulate an increase in testosterone levels. As a result, it also increases overall muscle mass in the body. Not to mention, this herb is also known for its anti-aging property. 

This Chinese herb for male performance is guaranteed to raise the libido of users. Users report improved erections as well. 

You can also expect better moods in addition to all the mentioned benefits. 


Longjack is also known as Tongkat Ali. This is a potent Chinese herb for male performance that has been proven to be effective. 

As per animal studies, it is said to increase testosterone levels and virility in males. Thanks to the higher testosterone level, muscle building is stimulated. 

This herb is mainly found in the form of extracts in capsules due to its natural bitterness. 

The overall benefits include higher stamina, longer durations of sexual performance, greater focus, and strength. The sperm quality is also claimed to improve with the consumption of Longjack.

He Shou Wu

He Shou Wu is also referred to as Fo-Ti. It contains naturally high contents of Zinc, making it beneficial for men. Zinc is required for an adequate sperm count and healthy levels of testosterone. Thus, this Chinese herb for male performance is sure to work. 

He Shou Wu is also known for its anti-aging benefits and as a treatment for hair loss. It eliminates greying hair and improves hair growth for those struggling with baldness. 

This herb is meant to enhance energy levels and libido and also increases overall stamina in men. 

Benefits of TCM

Plenty of Chinese herbs for poor circulation and Chinese herbs for male performance exist. 

Before you begin using them, know all the benefits offered by Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Balanced Life Approach 

The first benefit of Traditional Chinese Medicine is that it promotes a balanced life to solve your health issues. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes our body is formed by five elements, known as 'qi.' an unbalanced life is caused by impeded ‘qi’ flow. Any physical ailment can be traced back to this principle. 

Thus Chinese herbs for poor circulation aim to restore the balance and flow of 'qi.'

Over time, the body retains a balance and can heal itself without further medication. 

The balanced life approach focuses on several factors in its treatment:

  • Balanced diet
  • Massaging and acupuncture 
  • Traditional Chinese exercises 
  • Herbal remedies
  • Meditation

As opposed to this, Western medicine only focuses on the use of medicines. Without an improvement in other aspects of life, treatment can become harsh on the body.

Individualistic Patient-centric Approach

The individualistic approach of Traditional Chinese Medicine refuses to mass-produce the same treatment for all patients. Instead, this approach believes in examining the unique condition of each patient. 

What this means is that the same symptoms in two patients can have different remedies prescribed to them. Thus the Chinese herbs for male performance and Chinese herbs for poor circulation follow this approach. The wide variety of herbs should be chosen as per your needs.

When choosing the right herbs for an ailment, all the aspects of the patient’s health and life should be considered. Sometimes this will even include the spiritual state of the patient. 

Unlike Western medicine, this approach is a long-term plan for maximum benefits. It does not focus on immediately treating an ailment. 

Natural Approach And Fewer Side-effects 

The drugs used in Western medicine are chemically manufactured and often harmful with prolonged dosages. Some are potent enough to be addictive and negatively impact physical and mental states. 

The pharmaceutical approach is not only risky but also ineffective at times. Since poor circulation and erectile dysfunction are linked to serious heart diseases, taking a risk is not preferred.  

In the case of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the approach is completely natural and herbal. Although there can be side effects, they are allergic reactions at most, and largely harmless for the average user. 

Nonetheless, the dosage should always be followed. It is safe to say that any side effects will also fade with time. 

Works to Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation is a common occurrence in the body and a major source of many diseases. It leads to worsening heart conditions, autoimmune disease, diabetes, and even cancer.

Although many Western medicines don’t particularly target inflammation, Traditional Chinese Medicine focuses on this root cause of ailments.  

By prescribing life-altering healthy solutions and herbal treatments, this approach aims to reduce inflammation-inducing practices. 

Chinese herbs for better circulation are also anti-inflammatory. This is because damage to the blood vessels in cases of diabetes and other diseases often causes inflammation. The two are linked and thus treated together effectively. 

Safety And Precautions 

Although Traditional Chinese Medicine has many benefits, maintaining strict precautions is necessary. These herbs do not have any major or direct side-effects. However, they can still cause harm if consumed irresponsibly. 

First and foremost, Chinese herbs are effective but still haven’t been formally researched. That is why there is no official body that regulates their production and supply.  

Since there are many sellers of Chinese herbs on the market, it is important to purchase from a reliable source. These herbs don’t officially come under the category of medicines. This makes it easy for anyone to sell fake or doctored substances in the name of herbs. 

They are meant to improve overall health, but they may react differently to each individual’s body. If you have allergic reactions, then immediately consult your doctor. Also, be sure to only take the recommended dosage, and conduct enough research beforehand. 

In Summation

Traditional Chinese Medicine is an ancient solution for multiple healthcare problems. However, it is not a sure shot bet or a simple one-time solution. It requires enough patience and investment to work.

Since these home remedies are different for each body type, the primary factor is a sustainable lifestyle. Keep in mind that for these Chinese herbs for poor circulation to work, you must first improve your health. 

The mentioned Chinese herbs for male performance also work on a similar basis. Ensure that you have a decent diet and exercise schedule above all.

For maximum benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine, incorporate multiple treatments into your regular life. You can also try out methods like acupuncture and the Chinese art of cupping.


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