Natural Remedies for Blood Clots

Blood Clot Protocol for Healing

One of the best natural Blood Clot remedies is to ensure you have proper healthy blood.  By this I mean your blood needs to have the right amounts of Vitamin A and by also reducing a blood protein called Fibrin.  Long hours of inactivity such as sitting at a desk may cause the blood to thicken and be sluggish as circulation decreases.

Vitamin A & Fibrin

Researchers discovered that 3 hours after taking Vitamin A, lab rats were much more effective at dissolving blood clots.  This is due to Vitamin A breaking down Fibrin in a process called Fibrinolysis.  Fibrin is another culprit of blood clots, it is found in high doses after the body experiences a wound. Around the site of the wound, the body will mass Fibrin to allow blood to clot so the wound can heal faster. 

It may seem like Fibrin is safe, but it can also act as a threat in some cases. Optimal Vitamin A intake will allow not only great blood flow to keep blood platelets from clumping, but also to further dissolve excess Fibrin that has started allowing blood to clump in a certain area of the body.

Alternative Solutions

You may be asking: What sources of Vitamin A are best for Blood Clots?
It's no secret herbs are one of nature's best natural medicines and among these, Cayenne is extremely high in vitamin A. Paprika is also.  

If you want to check out another source that is making headlines

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Circulatory Pills


Final Thoughts

Our blood vessels need more circulation by daily herbal treatments, increased physical activity and an overall healthier, stress-free lifestyle.  Thanks for reading!

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