Healthy Herbs for Flavoring

There are hundreds if not thousands of herbs from around that world and many people have not taken advantage of for their health. When I started eating herbs to flavor my food I remember thinking how great it was that there was no sodium in herbs! 

Not only do herbs not make your body have to process heavy sodium like other sauces used for cooking but you get alot out of them.  They are loaded with Vitamin A, C & K sometimes up to 10x more than regular fruits and vegetables.  Herbs are true medicine designed for the human body with perfectly optimized absorption capability and compatibility! 

Circulatory Solutions

Lets talk about taste now.

There are so many different flavors from herbs so its up to you to find which herb you like on your favorite dishes. Herbs can replace unhealthy flavor enhancers that are loaded with high fructose corn syrup and what Chinese buffet chefs call "Maggie" sauce which is just MSG - Monosodium Glutamate. These cause havoc in the body and make you eat more on average, observed from many different case studies.

Cayenne Pepper is great on just about anything to give it a little spicy kick.

Cardamon is great on dessert because of its extremely unique flavor!

Basil is a mildly sweet herb for sprinkling on eggs or rice and is loaded with Vitamin C.

Cinnamon is great in your morning coffee or mixed with raw honey. 

Celery Seed is amazing addition to chicken noodle soup or a chicken broth base.  It makes it taste like that chicken powder bouillon without salt!  That mean's you can eat meals like that without having your body process lots of sodium.

We have hand selected some of the best materials that your body needs. You've read this far so claim your health related reward. You'll be emailing us about it, I'm sure!

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